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Del Nero Artwork, LLC operates: DelNero-Artwork.comJeffDelNero.comMaryDelNero.com

These sites and their original content, features, and functionality are owned by Del Nero Artwork, LLC and are protected by international copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret and other intellectual property or proprietary rights laws.

By using the Del Nero Artwork, LLC site, you agree to this policy. We reserve the right to change this policy at any time without notice, so please check it regularly. Your continued use of the Del Nero Artwork, LLC site constitutes acceptance of any changes. You also agree to and are responsible for ensuring that you comply with these terms of use.


1. Don't confuse, deceive, defraud, mislead, or harass anyone.

2. Be transparent about your identity when interacting with this site.

3. Don't use the Del Nero Artwork, LLC site for anything that constitutes, promotes or is used in connection with spyware, adware, or any other malicious programs or code.

4. Don't copy or cache Del Nero Artwork, LLC images.

5. Don't post unauthorized commercial communication or spam on Del Nero Artwork, LLC.

6. Respect the way Del Nero Artwork, LLC looks and functions.

7. Don't attempt to build an ad network on Del Nero Artwork, LLC.

8. Don't transfer any data that you receive from us (including anonymous, aggregate, or derived data) to any ad network, data broker, influencer network, or other advertising or monetization-related service.

9. Don't reverse engineer the Del Nero Artwork, LLC site or any of Del Nero Artwork, LLC's images.

10. Don't sell, lease, or sublicense any images on the Del Nero Artwork, LLC site or any data derived through this site.

11. Comply with all applicable laws or regulations.

12. Don't violate any rights of any person, including but not limited to intellectual property rights, rights of privacy, or rights of personality.

13. Don't expose Del Nero Artwork, LLC or people who use Del Nero Artwork, LLC to harm or legal liability.

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